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The Knoll Planning Application

Proposed further development of The Knoll

A planning application for four 2 bedroom live/work units was placed with NNDC on 20th November. Documents include -
Site Plan; Planning Statement; Market for Craft Report 2020

The comments below represent the personal views of the attributed writers and are in chronological order

Whilst an appropriate and modest development of the site would be acceptable, these current proposals have significant issues and therefore we object on the following grounds:

Access and highways:
Chapel Lane is a single-track road, with very limited passing places along its length (over 600 m). There is no footpath, so pedestrians walk along the road. As residents living on the road, we see numerous conflicts between cars and delivery vans, with cars and vans sometimes having to drive onto private gardens to pass one another.

The application states that the live/work nature of the development will mean that “vehicular movements are minimised”. However, the plans show the provision of parking for many cars and generous workshop/office space that would be able to accommodate a number of workers who would all presumably need to commute into Hempstead. The application also does not address the number of likely delivery vehicles expected.

We feel that this development, particularly its commercial nature, will have a detrimental effect on the safety of local road users and pedestrians. As a minimum, it is hoped that direct sales from, and public visitors to, the workshops would not be consented, and that a cap on occupation of each workshop would be made.

The turning into The Knoll off Chapel Lane is extremely tight, and supermarket and delivery vans already struggle to navigate the blind turning safely. The applicant has not demonstrated that, initially, construction vehicles and, longer term, delivery vehicles, together with generally increased vehicle movements, would not increase the risk of accidents on Chapel Lane.

The applicant submitted a report “Market for Crafts”, which suggests that uses of the workshops might include metalworking and woodworking, both of which can be noisy. Hempstead is purely residential and there are over 30 homes within 100m of the site. Therefore, if granted, we would hope that any permission must come with a requirement to limit volume at all times, and operation of the workshops to weekday day times. Use of the workshops should also be limited to craft-based businesses.

The proposals indicate very limited daylighting into the workshops and it would be assumed that, for most crafts, occupiers might want to open the main access doors let in light. This would also allow noise to escape. Therefore we feel that the design of the workshops should be amended to prevent noise breakout.  

The outline application does not cover how waste is to be collected. Domestic waste can clearly be collected by the usual weekly collection, but we assume that non-domestic use will require separate collections. With four separate businesses this could lead to numerous different collections, which can be noisy and would lead to more lorries using Chapel Lane. If granted, any permission should limit collection numbers and times.
Melissa & Andrew Weir - 22nd December 2021

In principle I support the application but have concerns. My property is adjacent to the west of the proposed site. If the activities taking place in the units cause excessive noise then it will impinge on the quality of life for those near enough to hear. The Knoll is a residential area and the quietness of the neighbourhood is a main reason for choosing it as a place to live. I accept, of course, that excessive noise is likely to be necessary for the building of the units. If permission is given I would like some assurances that frequent excessive noise will not be an issue now and in the long-term.
Member of the Public - 13th December 2021

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