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Various Hempstead residents posing for the camera - c.1910

The White Horse Inn started off as a village beerhouse before becoming a licensed public house. It was first recorded in 1789, although it could have been running well before that. Morgans bought the pub from John Hennry Gurney of Northrepps in 1896 and continued until they went into voluntary administration on 29th September 1961, at which point Bullards and Steward & Patteson took over the assets. The White Horse Inn then became a Bullards tied house until its closure on 26th April 1962.

The first mention of Hempstead Post Office is in Kelly's Directory of 1879 and at that time, the White Horse was the designated Post Office, where John Neal was the landlord.
However, the OS map of 1885 shows the Post Office to be situated in the small building attached to the north side of the White Horse.
In 1896, Miss Matilda Neal, presumably John's daughter, is listed as postmistress and it would appear that the later Post Office was built between 1892 and 1896.

White Horse Inn to the left with the White Horse Cottages ahead - c.1916

A few years ago David Youngs related that two families who spent a considerable amount of time in the White Horse, usually got into a disgreement whenever they met and this was almost certain to escalate into a fight. The then landlord got so fed up with this that he eventually decreed that the families could only come in on separate evenings - one family were limited to a Friday night and the other to a Saturday night.

1953 1953

After closure, the White Horse was sold off to become a residential property and is now known as Wayside.

9th April 2017
9th April 2017
19th October 2017

John Balding 1789-1794
Thomas Wright 1836-1846
George Money & master shoemaker 1851-1854
Mrs. Elizabeth Money 1856-1863
John Neal & farmer & overseer 1864-1893
Herbert Fabb 1893
Edmund Parker 1897-1904
Henry Williamson 1908
Edward Dixon 1911
James Edward Spendlove 1915
Sidney Alfred Riseborough 1920
Stanley James Scarff 1956
Frederick George Farrow 1959
Robert F. Rhodes 1960
Leslie G. Sparrow 1961
John Kedge 1962
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O. S. Map 1905
O. S. Map 1905
Marked in red top - bottom
Smithy - White Horse Inn - Post Office - Shop - School

Courtesy of NLS map images

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